Mixing old fashion service with an imaginative culinary mind, Spike's Farm is not your traditional farmer. We specialize in quality meats and custom creations, making us the Local Farmer of choice for people from around the block and beyond.  Our chickens are available in the spring (May 15, 2021) and fall, (dates to be set yet). Our chickens run between 4 to 8 pounds so when ordering please let us know if you are interested in the larger chickens. 

Our chickens are priced per pound.

Get your orders in early for these dates, they sell out quickly.  

Brining Bags

Ask us about our brining bag combinations, you'll get a bag along with a host of homegrown farm raised products including peppers, onions, spices, fresh herbs the tenderizing component along with the directions you need for the bringing process, you just add the water and your kit is complete. 

If you have never had a brind chicken before you are in for a treat.